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The Language Travel Company - Terms and Conditions

The Language Travel Company is a trading name of Apple Language Courses LTD.

The Language Travel Company will be referred to as LTC from this point onwards.

When a client reserves a language program through LTC the contract is between Apple Language Courses and the client.

The client is the person who will attend the language program, or on whose behalf the reservation was made.

Your contract with LTC

The client’s contract with LTC is legally binding from the moment that LTC has received the client’s completed booking form either via the LTC website, over the telephone, by fax, or by post, together with payment of the deposit or full payment.

If a booking is made by telephone the contract is legally binding once the details of the reservation have been taken by LTC and deposit payment, or full payment, has been received by the company.

Information regarding payment

For reservations made further than 8 weeks in advance of the date that the language program is due to start LTC requires a deposit of 350 USD. The remainder of the fee for the client’s language program must be paid no later than 8 weeks before the beginning of the language program.

LTC reserves the right to cancel the language program (and any accompanying accommodation) if the remainder of the fee for the client’s course is not received 8 weeks before the course is due to start. Cancellation charges as detailed below apply. The 350 USD deposit is non-refundable.

For bookings that are made less than 8 weeks before the language program is due to start, full payment is required at the time of reservation.

No change will be made to the price of a course once a deposit or full payment has been received from a client.

However, if necessary, due to changes in currency rates, we may change our prices for new reservations at any time during the year.

On occasion, there are charges for course materials, examination fees, registration and excursion/activity fees. For certain courses or types of accommodation there may also be seasonal surcharges. Please check our price lists or contact our offices for full details.

Language programs

On the first Monday of the language program, every client who is not a complete beginner will commence their language course with an evaluation of their level, and will be placed in a level group accordingly. Clients who are beginners will normally be automatically placed in the beginners group.

Language classes at our partner language schools normally take place Monday thru Friday, with the exception of when Monday is a public holiday and the school is closed. Normally, each class duration is between 45 and 60 minutes. The lesson duration for each school is detailed on our website.´

Arabic courses normally take place Sunday thru Thursday.


Usually, the client’s accommodation is reserved from the Sunday before a language program starts until the Saturday after it ends. It is sometimes possible to reserve extra nights for an additional fee subject to availability. Often, there is a maximum limit of 3 extra nights after which an extra week price will be charged. There is no reduction in fees for clients who spend less than 6 nights in their chosen accommodation.

A shared apartment is basic student self-catering accommodation, normally shared with other international students. At some of our schools students have the option of sharing self-catering apartments with local people.

A studio apartments is a private, fully-furnished self-contained, apartment for one or two people.

Homestay families can be a couple or single person, with or without children. All homestays are carefully chosen by our schools. The client will often have a choice of either ‘full board’ (meaning breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the price), ‘half board (meaning breakfast and dinner included) or 'Bed and Breakfast' (often noted as B+B and meaning that breakfast is the only meal included in the price). 

Residences accommodation can be lodging in a big house accommodating around 10-15 students or lodging in larger buildings housing a hundred students or more. There is often a reception service at larger residences and client’s also often have the option of taking meals at the residence with bed and breakfast, half board and full board options, depending on the residence. Occasionally residences have self-catering facilities and often have other amenities, such as television rooms or internet cafes. Some of our residences have swimming pools.

Single room accommodation implies one bedroom for one person. Twin room accommodation usually means two students sharing one room, with two separate beds. At some schools, it is only possible for two students who are traveling together to share a room.

For certain accommodation types, please note that seasonal surcharges may apply. Details can be found on our website or by contacting our offices.

Amendments to the reservation by the client

Should the client wish to amend any details of their reservation, or postpone their language program they may do so at the discretion of the LTC, provided that LTC receives notification of this wish to change in writing a minimum of 28 days before the language program is due to start.

There is a fee of 50 USD that is charged in the event that the client wishes to amend their reservation. However, should the requested amendments result in the upgrading or extension of the language program or accommodation, LTC may withdraw this charge at their discretion.

Other alterations to the client’s language program

Should the client, after having completed the initial language assessment, be deemed to be unable to attend their language program because they do not have an appropriate language level, we will offer an alternative language program or private lessons. The number of private lessons offered will normally be fewer than the number of group lessons booked.

The LTC does it’s best to make sure that all clients are provided with the products and the service that they reserve. However, the LTC cannot be liable for any disruption to a language program or study vacation due to forces which are beyond our control, (such as strikes, the breakout of war, terrorist incidents, earthquakes or other natural disasters), the fault of the client, or third party actions, (LTC cannot accept liability for changes to bookings as a result of alterations to arrangements made by a third party such as transport, tuition, accommodation, insurance or any other matter which is the responsibility of a third party). 

Any language classes missed owing to the above causes will not be recovered or reimbursement given.

Missed activities and classes

Lessons will not take place on public holiday days.  If there is a public holiday on a day or days when a client is taking a language program there will be no classes on that day. We endeavor to display on our price lists the dates on which public holidays take place. Nonetheless, the client should note that public holiday dates that are provided in our literature and websites are subject to alteration by national and local authorities and can therefore only be used as a guide.

On the first day of the language program classes may be missed as a result of the level test and induction activities. At some schools, a significant portion of the first day may be dedicated to welcome activities, at other schools only the first lesson may be lost. At the end of the language program lessons may also be lost due to assessment tests.

There is no refund for lessons missed due to the reasons listed above.

Cultural program and excursions

The information that we provide regarding the cultural program and excursions offered at our schools are intended only as a guide and are not an accurate list of activities. If you would like specific details about any of our activities please contact us prior to making your reservation.

Cancellation by the client

Students may, at the discretion of AL, change details of their reservation, provided that AL receives written notice from the student at least 28 days before the start of the course. It is not possible to amend a course after the date on which a student is due to move into their accommodation or start their course.

Amendments are subject to a 35/ 50/ $50 charge.

Any cancellation of a language program will result in the loss of the client’s deposit. In addition, the following fees will be applied and are payable to LTC by the client:

  • ● A cancellation which is made 56 days or more before the start of the language program: loss of deposit only.
  • ● A cancellation which is made between 55 and 28 days before the start of the language program: the client will pay 25% of the remaining cost of the course and accommodation
  • ● A cancellation which is made between 27 and 14 days before the start of the language program: the client will pay 50% of the remaining cost of the course and accommodation
  • ● A cancellation which is made between 0 and 13 days before the start of the course: the client will pay 100% of the remaining cost of the course and accommodation

After the day of departure or start of the course no reimbursement shall be given

The LTC may, at their sole discretion, withdraw certain cancellation charges if a new reservation is made in place of the cancelled course.

Travel, Transfers and Visas

The prices displayed on the LTC website do not include flights or other transport to our schools. All clients are expected to make their own travel arrangements and have sole responsible for acquiring any necessary travel documents, such as a valid passport and appropriate visa. However, LTC is more than happy to advise clients on the best way to get to our language schools.

LTC is able to offer clients airport transfers in many locations, for an additional fee. In order to do this, the client must inform LTC of their full flight details a minimum of  least 7 days before the client is due to arrive in their country of choice.

Once a language program has been reserved and full payment for the language program has been received LTC will provide the required documentation for the client to obtain a visa. However, LTC is not responsible in any way for a Consular authority's decision whether to issue a visa or not. It is the client's sole responsibility to allow sufficient time to obtain a visa.  The client should enquire with the Consular authority for the country they are traveling to regarding how long this is likely to take.

In the event that a client cannot attend a language program as a result of being unable to obtain a visa, LTC will normally refund any course fees that have been paid, less the deposit,  providing that the client supplies evidence that they have been refused a visa as a result of reasons not within their control (permitting sufficient time for the visa application and filling the application correctly are  deemed the responsibility of the client) and providing that LTC are advised of this in writing a minimum of than 2 weeks before the course is due to start. Otherwise, standard cancellation fees, as detailed above, will apply.

The standard cancellation charges will also apply in the event that documentation is refused as a result of reasons within the student's control (such as the student not holding a valid passport, or other required documentation or failing to allow enough time for the visa to be issued).


Should a client feel that they have genuine reason for complaint, they should mention this to the school abroad and to LTC as soon as possible. LTC will then respond to all reasonable grievances and we will do our utmost to rectify any problem. However, LTC is unable to address complaints made to LTC after the student has left their language program, unless LTC and the school were informed of the complaint while the client was still attending the language program and reasonable opportunity was given to the LTC and to the language school to respond to this grievance while the student was still attending the course.

The Expectations of LTC

All clients and those accompanying them are expected to behave in a respectful and courteous manner towards staff and fellow students at our language schools. Inconsiderate behavior, alcohol abuse and the illegal use of drugs, while a client is attending one of our language programs is considered unacceptable. LTC reserves the right to withhold school lodging and language programs from any student client who violates school rules or conducts themselves in a way that is offensive towards others. LTC reserves the right to send home, without refund of tuition or accommodation fees, any client who violates the conditions stated herein. The client or the client’s family will be responsible for the expense of any return trip.

Accuracy of details provided

LTC has makes every effort to ensure that the information detailed in our literature and websites is correct, however LTC cannot accept any liability for any omissions or error. LTC is reliant on the details that are provided to us by our schools and the authorities overseas, who have the right to make changes at any time. Therefore, we request that before you make your booking you discuss with us any specific details that are of particular importance or essential requirements for your language program.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions:

The Language Travel Company, 31 St. James Ave, Suite 770, Boston, MA 02109, USA



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