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Spanish immersion program in Bolivia

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Take a study abroad program in Bolivia, and you’ll be studying Spanish in one of the most exciting language travel destinations in Latin America!

Bolivia has long been known as the ‘Tibet of the Americas’, and there you’ll find every kind of climate and terrain waiting for you to explore!

Our school is located in Sucre, a university city so full of beautiful white colonial buildings that it is known as the ‘White city of the Americas’. What’s more, just outside the city, you’ll find real dinosaur tracks! Still relatively undiscovered, Bolivia is a fantastic location for any student looking for true immersion in the Spanish language and culture.


Our School in Bolivia

Inside our school
Inside our school

Our Spanish school is located just off the main square in the historic center of Sucre.

You’ll find everything you need just a few steps away, including cafes, restaurants, internet cafes and shops. The school has 14 classrooms plus its own patio and sun terrace. There’s also a kitchen, student lounge and cafeteria.

Our Sucre school:

 Internet Café   Students can send and receive e-mail at the school. Full Internet access is available at nearby Internet cafes.
 Location Historic town center
 Classrooms 14
 Other facilities Private patio, sun terrace, kitchen, cafeteria
 Cultural program Yes
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Our Spanish language programs

A typical street in Sucre
A typical street in Sucre

Our Spanish immersion programs in Bolivia are taught by native Spanish speakers who have professional qualifications in teaching Spanish to adults and speakers of other languages. In Sucre, you will also benefit from a maximum class size of only 4 students!

If you are interested in contributing to the local Sucre community during your study abroad program in Bolivia you may like to consider our Volunteer Work scheme. Please contact us if you would like further information on our volunteer work, or any of our other Spanish courses.

Minimum age: 18 years

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Standard 20 4 All
 Super Intensive 30 4 All
 Business Spanish 20   Minimum Intermediate
 Spanish and Culture 20 4 Minimum Intermediate
 Language and Activity 20 + 5 4 All
 Private lessons 20 1 All
 Private lessons 25 1 All
 Private lessons 30 1 All
 Volunteer Work     Minimum Intermediate
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Cultural Program

Like our other schools in Latin America, our school in Bolivia offers a cultural program to help you get the most from your stay. Our school offers 2-3 activities per week such as dance classes, cookery classes, Spanish movies in the school and seminars on art and history. Our school will also be pleased to advise you on arranging weekend trips around Bolivia.

Accommodation in Bolivia


Student with homestay family
Student with homestay family

A homestay is a fantastic opportunity to practise your Spanish in a relaxed and friendly environment during your study abroad program in Bolivia. All hosts are selected with great care by the accommodation officers at our school and many of our homestays have been welcoming our students to Bolivia for many years! All our host families are located within 20-30 minutes’ walk of the school. We would recommend bringing pictures of your family and friends, or a map of your home town to help get the conversation started on your first night. If you are staying with a host family, your hosts will collect you from the airport on arrival.

Student residence

If you would like to stay in self-catering accommodation during your Spanish immersion program in Bolivia, then our student residence is ideal. Students have access to a communal kitchen which is equipped with all standard utensils.

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Find out more about Sucre, Bolivia

If you are interested in a Spanish immersion program in Bolivia, you can see a map of the country by visiting the World Atlas website.


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Spanish language programs in Bolivia

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