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Learn Portuguese

You might need to learn Portuguese for work, for a vacation or maybe you’ve just always wanted to speak Portuguese! It doesn’t matter why you want to learn Portuguese or what level you’re at, we will have a course to suit your needs!


Studying at one our excellent schools in either Portugal or Brazil, you can immerse yourself totally in the Portuguese language. Our teachers are all native Portuguese speakers with years of experience, so you will quickly improve your language skills. You will also really get to know the place where you are studying and its culture, through the many trips and activities that our schools organize.

Portugal, the westernmost point of mainland Europe, is an ancient and interesting land, which enjoys a warm climate. Its people are friendly, giving you the perfect opportunity to practice your language skills!

The capital, Lisbon, is an historic city on Portugal’s Atlantic coast. From Romanesque to Gothic, Baroque to Post-Modern, Lisbon’s rich variety of architecture will astound you. One of the city’s more distinctive landmarks is the magnificent Belem Tower, built nearly 500 years ago.

Our school is located in the center of Lisbon, convenient for the city’s many shops, cafes, and restaurants, once you’ve finished Portuguese lessons. By night, why not explore the vibrant nightlife and, perhaps, practice your Portuguese with some locals?

Learn Portuguese in Portugal or Brazil
Learn Portuguese in Portugal or Brazil

Faro, in Portugal’s glorious Algarve region, has a more sedate pace of life than Lisbon. It is a picturesque port city with its own fair share of history. Study Portuguese with us here and enjoy the fabulous beaches nearby.

Maceio, in Brazil, is renowned for the quality of its beaches. With an average temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit, beautiful sandy shores and clear and calm waters, Maceio’s reputation is well-deserved. You can have the perfect beach paradise on your doorstep as you learn Portuguese!

The lively city of Salvador da Bahia is home to nearly three million people and our other Portuguese language school in Brazil. In your free time, meander through the colonial-era streets of the Old Town, enjoy watersports on the numerous beaches or treat yourself to some local dishes.

With its strong African links, Salvador da Bahia is considered to be the capital of Capoeira, a unique cross between dancing and martial arts. Our school offers a Portuguese & Samba / Brazilian Dance course if watching locals perform Capoeira makes you want to move!

Portuguese is best learnt through daily use, and you’ll get plenty of practice if you live with a local host family, carefully chosen by us. If you study in Faro or Salvador da Bahia, you can opt for hotel accommodation instead.

All of our schools organize packed activity programs, which will improve your Portuguese and introduce you to different cultures. Regardless of which school and course you pick, you are sure to have a great time and make real progress with your Portuguese!


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