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Learn Portuguese in Portugal

Learn Portuguese in Portugal with the Language Travel Company! Studying at either our school in Lisbon or our Faro school in Portugal, you will pick the language up quickly and experience local culture and traditions.

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, we’ll have a course that’s right for you! Our highly-skilled teachers are all native Portuguese speakers, and have years of experience in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language.

Portugal is a vibrant, exciting country, but its people maintain a tremendously laid-back attitude. The big cities are home to glittering architecture, stylish shops and lots to see and do in the evenings.


Yet this sunny land on the fringes of Europe is full of history. Throughout the ages, Portugal has been home to many different peoples, all of whom have left their mark. After your Portuguese lessons at one of our schools, explore Roman temples, Moorish castles and grand renaissance cathedrals and churches.

Portugal’s capital is Lisbon, the location for one of our schools, and a beautiful and historic city. The Castle of São Jorge dominates the city from its hilltop position, looking down upon rows of whitewashed houses extending out towards the ocean. Visit the unique Lisbon Cathedral, made up of six different architectural styles. One the most famous attractions in Lisbon, is the ornate Belém Tower, which sits on the River Tagus.

Learn Portuguese in Lisbon, Portugal
Learn Portuguese in Lisbon

Lisbon offers so much for you to see and do in your free time. Delve into Portugal’s culture and traditions in one of Lisbon’s many museums, indulge yourself with a shopping trip or enjoy a night at the opera. Lisbon’s lively bars, restaurants and clubs offer you the perfect chance to meet local people, and practice your Portuguese with them!

You will also live with local people if you opt for our Lisbon school, which means that you will use your Portuguese on a daily basis. All of our host families are carefully selected to ensure that you will have a really enjoyable stay.

If you’d prefer the more tranquil setting of Faro, you can choose between our host family accommodation and the privacy and comfort of a hotel. Faro, in the Algarve region of Portugal, is a popular tourist destination due to its great climate, fantastic beaches and authentically Portuguese character.

When you’ve finished Portuguese lessons at our Faro school, unwind on the beach, take a stroll down the picturesque marina or get involved with one of the activities organized by the school. Join staff on guided tours of the local area, enjoy Portuguese film evenings and sample Portuguese cuisine on evening dinners with your teachers.

Learn Portuguese in Faro, Portugal
Learn Prortuguese
in Faro

If you’d like to experience both Lisbon and Faro, our multi-stay course is the perfect solution! For example, you could divide a 6-week course between three weeks in Lisbon and another three in Faro. An activities program also runs at our Lisbon school, showing you all that the capital has to offer and giving you opportunity to practice the language!

Both of our schools have the same great range of courses for you to choose from. You can study any of our courses at any level, with the exceptions of our Portuguese for Teachers and Portuguese Gastronomy courses, for which you will need a higher level of Portuguese.

Whether you choose Lisbon or Faro as your destination, you’re certain to learn Portuguese quickly and have a great time!


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