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Learn Italian in Milan, Italy

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Learn Italian in Milan, a city of elegance and style! Milan’s historic center, dominated by Il Duomo, the city’s stunning gothic cathedral, is a maze of picturesque medieval streets, fine restaurants and endless shopping opportunities.

Milan is the fashion capital of the world, and boasts one of the oldest shopping malls in the world, the beautiful Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. After your Italian classes, relax in a café by the canal, in Milan’s charming Navigli district, or head out to enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife!


Our school in Milan, Italy

Italian class at our school
Italian class at our school

The Missori district is home to our school in Milan, just a five minute walk from the Piazza Duomo. Our modern school sits in the leafy Piazza Erculea, a quiet square surrounded by reasonably priced shops and cafés. It’s the perfect place to mix with the local Milanesi and practice your Italian!

The well-equipped school has 11 classrooms, an Internet café, library, self-study lab and common room. You can use the free Internet access from 08:30 am to 9:00 pm and can borrow videos and other learning materials whenever you like.

Our school has an exceptionally friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Teachers and staff will do everything they can to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. There is a great community feeling within the school, and you’ll find it easy to make friends.

Our Milan school:

 School Internet Café Yes
 Number of classrooms 11
 Location In the center of Milan, close to Il Duomo Cathedral
 Other facilities Library, self-study lab, common room
 Cultural program Yes
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Our Italian language programs

Students taking a break in MIlan
Students taking a break in Milan

Whether you’re a complete beginner or already have an advanced understanding of Italian, you can learn Italian in Milan with us, as most of our courses are open to all levels of learner. Our most popular Italian language programs are our Standard Course and our Intensive Course, offering 20 and 28 Italian lessons a week respectively.

Are you a budding fashionista? If you are, you’ll love our Italian for Fashion and Design Course, which is run in collaboration with Instituto Europeo di Design, one of the most prestigious design schools in the world. You’ll tour Milan’s shopping quarter and the IED’s school, analyze shops and learn Italian fashion and design terms!

Making contacts in the fashion world will be one of your tasks if you choose our Italian with Work Experience course. On this program you work at our language school as you learn Italian in Milan, and your other duties will include helping in reception, assisting the marketing department and liaising with design schools and universities. If you have at least an intermediate level of Italian, you could work in the school for two hours a day, immersing yourself totally in the language by using it in practical situations.

One of our Italian Club 50 + courses might suit you if you’re over 50 years-old, and would prefer to be exclusively in the company of others aged 50 or above. Study at our school in Milan or, alternatively, at our school in Bellagio, on the shores of the exquisite Lake Como. You’ll have 20 Italian lessons per week and can take part in a specially designed activities program. You could even spend one week in Milan, and then another week in Bellagio, allowing you to enjoy both locations! Of course, if you’d like to learn Italian with adult students of all ages, you’re more than welcome to take any of our regular courses.

If you’d like to reserve your days in Milan for sightseeing, our Italian Evening Course of four evening classes per week is ideal! All of our courses are taught by highly-qualified, native Italian teachers. With our excellent teachers and class sizes of just 10 students, you will learn Italian quickly. Private Lessons are also available, if you’d like to make even more dramatic progress.

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Standard 20 10 All
 Intensive 28 10 All
 Evening Course 4 10 All
 CELI Exam prep. 12 10 Minimum Intermediate
 Private Lessons (General) 20 1 All
 Private Lessons (Professional) 20 1 All
 Italian Club 50+ (Milan) 20 10 All
 Italian Club 50+ (Bellagio) 20 10 All
 Work Placement (Standard) 20 + 20 10 Minimum Intermediate
 Work Placement (Intensive) 28 + 20 10 Minimum Intermediate
 Italian for Fashion & Design Course 28 10 All
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Cultural program in Milan, Italy

If your afternoons are free, why not join teachers and other students from the school and explore the fine city of Milan and other nearby cities! Our school organizes a program of activities and excursions that will help you experience Italy, get to know its culture and improve your Italian language skills.

Visit the museum adjoining the famous La Scala opera house, the Science and Technology Museum and various art exhibitions. Once or twice a month, our teachers and staff will show you the livelier side of Milan with evening meals and ‘aperitivi’, where you can eat and drink all you want!

Also on the itinerary are classes in Italian cookery, wine tasting sessions and film afternoons. At the weekends, you can discover the historical cities of Verona, Genova and Bergamo, and witness the beauty of Lake Como.

Accommodation in Milan, Italy


Let our school place you with a carefully selected Italian family, and you’ll be using Italian constantly, which means that your Italian language skills will quickly improve. Enjoy Italian home-cooking for breakfast and evening dinner, or just breakfast, leaving you free to make your own dinner.

Shared apartments

For more independence, choose to share an apartment, where at least one tenant will always be an Italian speaker. Sharing a kitchen and bathroom with an Italian will ensure that you carry on speaking Italian after your lessons.

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Italian language programs in Italy

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