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English course in Los Angeles, USA

Glamorous Los Angeles is the epicentre of the entertainment industry in the USA and is famously the home of Hollywood. In the beautiful state of California, Los Angeles has a long and rich history, and was once part of the Spanish Empire and, later, Mexico. The city has flourished since becoming American in 1847 and is now one of the wealthiest cities in the world. Apart from Hollywood and the many movie stars that make this city their home, Los Angeles has a wealth of attractions for international visitors. There are over 800 museums and art galleries, plenty of excellent theatres and concert venues, excellent shopping and first-class restaurants and nightlife. This really is an exciting location for an English course!

You will find our English school on Wilshire Boulevard, close to Hollywood and Santa Monica and Venice beaches. This is the perfect location from which to explore this fantastically diverse city, and to see some of its most famous sights! The facilities at the school are excellent, including 16 classrooms, a computer lab with wireless Internet access, a student lounge and study hall and even a café in the lobby!

Learning English in Los Angeles
Learning English in Los Angeles

There are many reasons for wanting to learn English and our school in Los Angeles offers courses to cater for all! Take a ‘Semi-Intensive’, ‘Intensive’, or ‘Super-Intensive’ to learn English with other students of a similar level to yourself. If there is a particular aspect of the language on which you wish to focus in some or all of your lessons, private lessons, either in conjunction with a group course or taken alone, would be perfect for you. Alternatively, why not combine your English lessons with an activity? Our school offers some fantastic ‘special interest’ courses such as ‘English and Surfing’, ‘English and Tennis’, ‘English and Yoga’ or ‘English and Excursions’!

Stay in a shared apartment on a self-catering basis, or with a carefully selected host family. Our recommendation is always that you stay with a host family if you wish to make as much progress as possible during the time that you are in Los Angeles. This accommodation option will provide you with invaluable speaking practice, with native English speakers on an everyday basis.

Our school in Los Angeles also offers an extensive cultural activities programme, which is open to all students attending a course here. The exact activities offered vary depending on the season and the events which are taking place in the city at the time. Some examples of activities offered include trips to sporting events, tours of Hollywood, beach trips, dinners at local restaurants and excursions to places such as Disneyland, Sea World, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco and Universal Studios. All the activities are optional, and some may incur a small additional charge payable directly to the school on arrival.

If you have any further questions regarding our English courses in Los Angeles, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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