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Learn Italian

Thinking of learning Italian? Do it in Italy with The Language Travel Company! Learn Italian in Italy to quickly pick the language up, and discover the country’s beauty as well.


Whether you’re asking for directions to St. Mark’s Square in Venice or following an opera at La Scala in Milan, your Italian is sure to improve. We have schools in cities up and down the length of ‘The Boot’, and in Sicily and Sardinia as well!

Of course, Rome is a favorite with students because there is so much to see and do. After Italian classes, our Rome school runs guided tours of The Eternal City, concert nights and seminars on Italian history and cooking.

Activities give you a break from the classroom, and a taste of Italy, its people and its culture. Why not visit the home of the Renaissance, Florence, and totally immerse yourself in history and culture? Or study at a school in Salerno or Sorrento, on the Amalfi coastline, if you want to enjoy some of Italy’s natural splendour.

Italian study programs in Italy
Italian study programs in Italy

You could even combine Italian classes with watersports or cookery lessons at one of our schools. Come scuba-diving with us in Taormina and explore the crystal clear waters off Sicily’s east coast. Or discover regional Tuscan cuisine on an Italian course at our school in San Giovanni.

No matter what your level or how many lessons you have, you’ll be amazed at how much Italian you’ve learnt! Learning in Italy is by far the most effective way to learn Italian

Experience the real Italy by living with one of our school's Italian host families, all of which are carefully selected by our schools. Or socialize with students from around the world in student apartments.

Whatever kind of Italian course you want; a work placement in Rome, a language and cookery course in Syracuse or an intensive business course in Naples, we’re sure to have the right one for you!


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