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Learn Greek in Greece

Learn one of the most ancient languages in the world in its homeland, one of the most ancient countries in the world! There is no better location in which to learn Greek than in Greece, if you want to get a firm understanding of the language and the culture of this amazing country.

We have two language schools in Greece – one in the bustling capital, Athens, and another on the sunny island of Crete, whose history dates back even further than that of Ancient Greece.


Learn Greek in Greece

Learn Greek in Greece
Western civilisation began in what is now Greece, so it is a country overflowing with history and culture. Stunning marble ruins rise out of lush olive groves, original Greek plays are performed in age-old theatres and locals entertain tourists with traditional Greek dances in friendly tavernas.

Greece also attracts millions of tourists each year due to its sunny climate and natural beauty. Choose to learn Greek in Greece, and you can glimpse rare animal species in unspoilt habitats, climb dramatic mountain peaks or just relax on some of Europe’s best beaches!

The city of Athens is thousands of years old. Whilst you study at our Athens school, you’ll discover countless remnants of various cultures, including the famous Parthenon temple.

The city’s many museums house even more treasures, and are well worth a visit after your Greek lessons. Or, perhaps you’d rather experience the modern Athens. Tour designer shops, dine out in exclusive restaurants and then enjoy Athens’ varied nightlife until the early hours!

If you’re looking for relaxation, then our school in Crete might be the right option for you! Hania is a traditional Cretan city, offering you a glimpse into the Greek way of life, and has stunning beaches nearby - perfect for unwinding and reflecting upon Greek lessons!

Decide to stay in a homestay to gain more than a glimpse of Greek life. For total immersion in Greek culture, our schools organize homestay accommodation and regularly check the families, to ensure that your time in Greece is as enjoyable as possible. Our schools also offer you the privacy of apartment and hotel accommodation.

Greek language programs in Greece

Greek language programs in Greece
So that you get even more exposure to the Greek language and traditions, a program of activities is set up by our schools. In addition to excursions to places of interest, you could explore Greek music, Greek dance and Greek film, amongst other things.

All of your Greek lessons will be taken by experienced, native Greek teachers. Courses available at our schools include a Summer Course, Greek for Business and a One-to-one Greek Course.

Most of our courses are offered at a range of levels, and the same courses are on offer at all of our schools. So all you have to do is select a course and one of our exciting locations!


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