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Learn French

Learn French with us! You might want to learn French for work, perhaps you’re planning a trip to Québec or maybe you just need a new hobby.

There are many reasons to study and many ways to do it. Without doubt though, the most effective way to learn French is to stay in a French-speaking country.


Stay in France itself, where romantic Paris and glamorous Nice on the south coast are just two options. We have schools closer to home in Canada, the Caribbean island paradise of Guadeloupe or Switzerland, all destinations which will allow you to throw yourself into the French language.

If you want to learn French in Canada, you can choose either the fascinating city of Montreal or cosmopolitan Québec City as the setting for your course. We have French language schools in both of these atmospheric cities, which boast historical riches and magnificent scenery!


Activity programs and excursions are a central part of our courses, giving you a flavour of France and its culture. In Aix-en-Provence, for example, you can take cookery classes, indulge in wine tasting and try your hand at Pétanque, a sport which is hugely popular in the Provence area of France.

Learn French in Québec, Canada
Learn French in Québec

In Biarritz, in the south-west corner of France, surfing is the sport of choice. If you’re eager to catch some of the best waves in Europe, our combined French and surfing course is definitely for you!

Different locations offer you different options for study. We organize courses such as French and Art, Business French and French Club 50, which caters exclusively for those over 50 years of age.

You decide how long you study for, with trips ranging from just one week to much longer programs. Tailor the pace of learning to suit your needs. The most intensive courses consist of 30 lessons a week.

Learn French in Nice
Learn French in Nice

We also give you great choice when it comes to accommodation. Stay with one of our local host families to fully immerse yourself in the culture and the language. Alternatively, we have high quality private studio apartments and shared student housing available to you.

So whether you’re a beginner with a thirst for good wine, or a fluent speaker who wants to learn a different dialect, we have a course that is right for you.


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