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Learn French in France

What better way to learn French than in France itself? We’ll provide you with expert tuition whatever your level, in a wide range of locations, from Paris to Nice.

Learn French in France for greater exposure to the language, and you can enjoy all that this remarkable country has to offer. Choose from our great range of courses and destinations to find the one that is right for you!


In the incomparable Paris we have an excellent school, centrally located, allowing you to discover the city’s beauty after lessons. There is sophistication, culture and history at every turn, and also the chance to test your French with the locals!

See some of the most celebrated works of art in the world at the Louvre, witness the exquisite Sacré-Cœur Basilica and survey the whole of Paris from The Eiffel Tower. Then take things a little easier with a stroll along the river Seine, or treat yourself to some fine French cuisine. Whatever you choose to do in Paris, it’s a wonderful place to learn French and you’ll have a truly unforgettable trip!

Learn French in Montpellier, France
Learn French in Montpellier

Choose a French course at our school in Nice and you’re sure to fall in love with the Cote D’Azur. After French lessons, you can take a leisurely walk along the elegant promenade, or soak up some sun on the gorgeous beach, just a short walk away from our school.

When night falls, Nice really comes alive, as people arrive at the many bustling bars, clubs and restaurants. Monaco, Monte Carlo and Cannes are also close by, if you’d like to experience Nice’s even more glamorous neighbors on trips organized by our school.

Or learn French in the vibrant university city of Montpellier. Wander the picturesque streets, enjoying Montpellier’s mild climate and impressive architecture. The Place de la Comedie is the center of city life and a great place to relax after lessons.

All of our schools organize a full program of activities, helping you to have a really great time as you learn French in France. Our Montpellier school offers you social evenings, picnics on the beach and horse-riding in the sand dunes.

If you want to hone your culinary skills, take one of our French & Cookery courses. Our schools in Antibes, Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux and Nice all offer this option.

Learn French in Antibes, France
Learn French in Antibes

If you’d prefer more time on the slopes than in the kitchen, a French and Skiing course is for you! We have schools in the scenic towns of Chambery and Annecy, close to the excellent ski resorts of Val D’Isere and Les Arcs.

No matter which of our schools or courses you choose, accommodation can also be arranged for you. Stay with one of our carefully selected French homestay families to immerse yourself totally in the language and culture. If you want the company of your fellow students, we also offer shared student residences, as well as private studio apartments in some locations.

With us organizing everything for your trip, all you need to do now is decide which exciting course and which part of France is for you!


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