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Italian course Elba, Italy

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The famously beautiful isle of Elba is an ideal place to learn Italian! An Italian course in Elba will introduce you to warm, emerald waters, a fascinating history and superb Italian tuition. Here you can savour a wonderfully relaxed way of life, and enjoy total immersion in the Italian language and culture!

Discover the island’s fine cuisine, its perfect diving conditions, or its long and eventful past. From ancient Roman ruins, to the villas where French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte once lived, Elba is overflowing with history!


Our school in Elba, Italy

Spectacular views
Spectacular views

The idyllic fishing village of Marciana Marina is home to our Italian language school in Elba. Your Italian lessons will take place in the shaded gardens of a 4-star hotel, just minutes away from tranquil beaches! Soak up the sun after class, or cool off in the hotel’s tempting outdoor swimming pool.

Of course, you can choose to stay in the hotel, and enjoy the convenience of living on the same site where you take Italian lessons! Small class sizes at our school (just 5 or 6 students on average) give teachers more time to improve each student’s language skills - you’re sure to make rapid progress if you learn Italian in Elba!

Our Elba school:

 Air-conditioning Yes
 Location Central Marciana Marina, close to the seafront
 Other facilities Outdoor pool, shaded gardens, on-site hotel accommodation
 Cultural program Yes
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Our Italian language programs

Studying Italian outside
Studying Italian outside

At our Elba school, you can study either in same-level groups, or on a one-to-one basis, with personalized Private Lessons. Group classes allow you to practise your Italian with your peers, whereas individual lessons allow you to learn lots of Italian in a short amount of time! The Combined Italian course in Elba gives you the benefit of both approaches, with 20 group lessons and 10 Private Lessons.

Our school organizes a special program exclusively for students aged 50 or over. The 2 week program includes 30 Italian lessons, as well as activities and excursions particularly suited to mature students. Or, improve your speaking skills with a conversation course, which you can take alongside the Intensive course or Private lessons.

 Courses:  Lessons per week  Max. in class  Levels
 Intensive 20 12 All
 Combined Course 20 + 10 10/1 All
 Private Lessons 20 1 All
 Italian Club 50+ 15 10 Minimum Intermediate
 Conversation Course 10 10 All
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Cultural program in Elba, Italy

Get a real taste of Elba with our school’s cultural program! Visit unspoilt hill-towns, admire the views as you do some light trekking, tour traditional markets and enjoy boat trips around this enchanting island. Group dinners and nights out allow you to get to know your classmates, and give you the chance to put your Italian to use!

The program varies from month to month, but whatever activities are on the agenda, you’re sure to have a great time as you learn Italian in Elba!

Accommodation in Elba, Italy

Shared Student Apartments

Socialize with students from all over the world in a shared apartment! Our school offers a range of self-catering apartments for you to choose from.

Private Student Apartments

If you’d prefer a little more privacy, our school is also able to arrange accommodation for you in a private studio apartment.


Our school can arrange hotel accommodation for all requirements and budgets. The 4-star hotel where lessons take place has its own swimming pool, and enjoys a position near the seafront. All rooms are air-conditioned, with balconies, satellite TV, Internet access and telephones. Nearby is a 3-star Bed & Breakfast hotel, with similar facilities. A more economical option is a small hotel, also close by, which has a private garden.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about an Italian course in Elba, or about the island itself. We’ll be glad to hear from you!.

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Italian language programs in Italy

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