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Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Totally immerse yourself in Spanish and the amazing country of Costa Rica with The Language Travel Company! Experience the culture and traditions of this tropical paradise as you learn Spanish in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a land of incredible diversity and natural beauty. Dramatic volcanoes, wild rivers, gorgeous beaches, Costa Rica has it all!


Learn Spanish at our school in Monteverde, in a Mountain Rain Forest reserve, for a truly unique experience. Wake up to a chorus of birdsong, study Spanish in the morning and then discover exotic wildlife in its unspoilt natural habitat. You can fly through the Monteverde forest canopy on a zip-line, or go on a ‘Sky-walk’ for a more relaxed look at the wonderful animals and plant that live in the tree tops.

Spanish study programs in Costa Rica
Spanish language programs in Costa Rica

It doesn’t get much more relaxing than the idyllic beaches close to our Flamingo Beach school. After Spanish lessons, lie back on soft white sands or bathe in the warm, turquoise waters. Feeling more active? Then go surfing, horse-back riding, sailing or join in with another activity organized by the Flamingo Beach school.

Or study at our school in San Joaquin de Flores, an old colonial town in the shadow of the Barva volcano. It is a peaceful town where you will get a glimpse of the real Costa Rica. But the busy capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, with all its history and nightlife, is less than 10 miles away.

Following Spanish lessons in San Joaquin de Flores, why not join in with our activities program and excursions? You can witness nature’s power on a volcano trip, experience the thrill of white-water rafting or learn how to dance the salsa!

Whichever of our well-equipped Costa Rican schools you decide upon, you will make speedy progress with your Spanish. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of just four students per class, which means that our experienced, native teachers will be able to give you lots of attention.

To learn Spanish even more quickly, take a super-intensive course of 27 lessons a week at either the Monteverde school or San Joaquin de Flores school. Or have 5 one-to-one Spanish lessons each week in addition to the regular 20 lessons.

Our schools also offer the option of doing volunteer work, during or after your Spanish course. Help preserve Costa Rica’s natural wonders, or assist in local schools or kindergartens. Any time that you spend with the local people will improve your Spanish.

If you’d like to hear different Spanish accents, one of our multi-stay courses is ideal! For example, you can divide a six-week Spanish course in Costa Rica between the rain forest at Monteverde, the inviting waters of Flamingo Beach and picturesque San Joaqui de Flores. Visit all three of our schools in Costa Rica to get a better appreciation of the country.

This is also the way that our Spanish for Young Students course works. Teenagers aged between 14 and 17 years spend one week learning Spanish in San Joaquin de Flores, one week in Monteverde and another week at our Flamingo Beach school.

We also offer other multi-stay options, allowing you to see different locations in Latin America while you study. Divide your Spanish course between one of our Costa Rican schools and, for example, our school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn Spanish and whichever way you want to do it, we have the right course for you! With wonderful sights and welcoming people, Costa Rica is the perfect place for your Spanish studies.


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